Order Functions

Further information on the electronic customer contract

1. On line order process

After finding your item on our website, select „Add to basket“. The virtual shopping basket will open, listing the chosen product. You still have the option to remove /edit your entry by clicking on the “Remove” checkbox or overtyping the quantity required. Click „Update Cart“ button to confirm changes, „Continue Shopping“ to go back to the product pages.

When all the desired items are in your basket, you can enable the ordering process by clicking the „Checkout“ button. You will see all your chosen products including all final prices, excluding shipping costs. You still have the ability to go back and make changes to your order at this stage by clicking View Cart in the “Basket” block.

Finally confirm the accuracy of your offer by clicking on the „Checkout“ button. The following screen appears where you insert your address details; select your preferred payment option and any order comments/instruction. If you are already registered as a customer with us, you only need to enter your user ID and password. Previously entered information appears. You can change these by clicking on the „Change“ button at any time.

Among the fields for the address data is a link to our Terms and Conditions, and another link to our contract information attached, which allows you to read, save and print the contractual provisions and other necessary information. Confirm each mouse click that the Conditions, the contract information and the privacy information have been read, understood and you agree with them. You have the option to print your order information. The order can be executed using the button „Order Now“ to confirm to us a binding offer in respect of all goods in the basket. We will confirm receipt of your order immediately.

2. Storage of the Contract Text and access for customers
We save your order details and send you this together with our terms and conditions and contract information by Email.

3. Input errors
You can correct your input during the ordering process at any time by clicking the „Delete“ or „change“ click on the button. By clicking on „Cancel“ to cancel the entire order process at any time. 

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