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Picobello Furniture Refresher

Furniture Refresher

Ideal product to clean and maintain lacquered furniture surfaces

Picobello Furniture Refresher visually brings back the surface finish of lacquered natural wood furniture. The refresher reactivates the surface and gives it a light gloss finish. Apply the Furniture Refresher with a soft lint free cotton cloth and rub onto the surface. Simply wipe off any excess with a clean dry cotton cloth. We recommend testing the product on an inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility with the surface. 

» More information18.95 £ incl. 20% VAT. plus shipping
1L Can
Picobello Lint Free Cloths

Lint Free Cloths

Lint Free Cloths - Perfect for thorough cleaning and polishing

The Picobello lint free cloths can be used for all cleaning and polishing tasks. The lint free cloths are ideal to use when applying and polishing off cleaning/maintenance products because they do not leave small cotton fibres around the area that has been cleaned or repaired 

Each pack contains x5 A5 size cloths which can be washed and re-used.

» More information3.22 £ incl. 20% VAT. plus shipping
5 Lint free cotton cloths (DIM A5) per pack
Sanding and Polishing Cloth

Sanding and Polishing Cloth

The optimum cloth for cleaning, maintaining and polishing

The Picobello sanding and polishing cloth is a highly versatile product. The white side of the cloth is used for cleaning and very light sanding of the surface, whilst the green side is used to increase sheen level on a surface. Ideal for areas needing a more intensive clean and sheen.

» More information6.65 £ incl. 20% VAT. plus shipping
1 Cloth 10 x 13 cm in PET bag

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